Reset of Garmin watch becomes necessary if you are moving places, there are some functional problems, or there is an issue with GPS working. You can reset the Garmin watch by opting to clear user data or resetting it completely. Before deciding to reset, make sure you have a backup because after rebooting, there will be no option to recover the data. Also, opting for hard reset, you can also do a modest reset and can save the information, music, and other data saved in the watch. But how to reset Garmin watch. Resetting of the Garmin watch may differ with different models; you will see a separate set of instructions wherever necessary.

Rebooting Garmin watch

 The need to reset a Garmin watch mostly arises when you face an issue in its functioning. You might not be getting signals; features might not be working, and may be something else. You have plans to resale or handover the watch to someone else. In some of the cases, soft reset or rebooting works well. All you need is to power off and power on the Garmin watch quite a few times. Soft Rebooting works well in most cases. Modest/soft reset saves the history, and also restores the settings.

How to reset Garmin watch

 To softly reset or reboot the Garmin watch, all you need to do is press the power button for few seconds, say 10-15 seconds for switching it off, and then repress it to, on the watch. You must be cautious about certain things like syncing your data, as resetting the device can result in losing some of the data. However, there are watches that do not delete all the data when you reset. Data and information about the activities and music are safe even when you reset the settings.

Resetting device settings on Garmin watch

If you are looking for wayshow to reset Garmin Watch, Here you can get all the information. For the latest models such as Instinct and forerunners, the Garmin watches give you the benefit of resetting with the option of keeping your data safe. All your data, information about the activities remain safe. For resetting’s, you have to go to the System setting menu and then click the reset default settings option.

Go to the menu and then using the down keys to move to settings.

Next, use the down key to go to the system settings.

Go to reset and press Reset default settings or you will see reset and delete settings.

You will have to confirm the pop-up message confirming your data activities, and music will not be deleted. The pop-up message for confirmation may pop-up twice.

Make sure to read the pop-up message before validating – not all the messages keep data safe. Some of the instructions are a reminder for the deletion of data along with the restoration of settings.

Resetting a Garmin watch (Master Reset)

Master rebooting or resetting a Garmin watch will delete all your information, data, and music. A hard reset may work well when you don’t intend to keep the Garmin watch or want to sell it or handle it to someone else. Also, keep in mind that resetting the Garmin watch will erase all training data. The settings differ in different Garmin watches. So, know how to reset Garmin Watch.

Fenix, Instinct, Vivo active, and Forerunner: Select Settings, then go to system settings and press reset. Pressing reset will indicate a message stating the deletion of all music and data. After confirming, the pop-up message will reappear for confirmation. Press yes to reset the Garmin watch.

Vivo move: This is a touchscreen Garmin watch. Holding the screen of the Garmin watch, you will see a menu, their select settings>spanner icon, and then restore settings.

Golf Watches: There is little to no difference in resetting for the Garmin Watches. For resetting Golf watches, Go to settings>Reset and delete data, and this will restore the settings. You will get a confirmation message, do read the instructions, and click ok if you agree with the condition.

Other Watches (Earlier forerunner watches, quatix):

Select menu, then go to settings, then select system settings, choose reset defaults and reset settings.

Setting or restoring the settings some other way

For some of the outdoor watches, there is another way round to reset the settings. This does not even require you to go deep into the menu and further to reset and delete settings. Then how to reset Garmin watch? Just refer to the steps below:

Power off your watch.

Hold the back button on the watch – keeping it down, use the power button to Power on the watch, for this hold it for few seconds.

When you keep holding the back button, you will see the option for ‘Restore default settings’.

Select this for restoring settings.

After restoring, to use it pair the watch and set it up.

These are some of the ways to reset the Garmin watch.


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