How to Connect Garmin to Strava

How to Connect Garmin to Strava? Garmin is where you can store all the information regarding your health and fitness. Not only has this but the Garmin app served several other functions too. You can create new workout challenges, for yourself or your friends and build new courses as well. Garmin helps you track your performance and your workouts. With Garmin, you can track your location while you are moving. And discussing options – they are available in varied colors and designs keeping in mind the choices of persons.

If you talk about Strava – It gives you a feature to help measure your growth and performance and detailed tracking of your accomplishment. Both the applications work wonders if used together and in sync.

How to Connect Garmin to Strava

And what if you want to connect Garmin to Strava and enjoy the benefits of both? Here in detail How to Connect Garmin to Strava?

The best part of connecting is that there is little to no difficulty in connecting Strava and Garmin watches as almost all of the watches can be connected to Strava.

For this, you need to ensure that both the Garmin Application and Strava application is installed on your phone.

  • How to connect Garmin to Strava? –  if you are using a Mobile :
  1. If the application installed can be enabled through Bluetooth – It becomes a lot easier to download the Garmin app, creating the account, and then linking the same with the Strava account.
  2. First, open the browser/the play store on your smartphone and then download the Garmin app and the Strava app as both are required to be installed on your device if you want to connect both and sync the data.
  3. Installation of both the apps would require you to accept the terms and conditions – Make sure to read them and be okay with them before accepting the conditions and proceeding with the installation.
  4. After the installation – Open the Garmin application.
  5. Go to the settings, then move to the partner apps and connect with Strava.
  6. The next step is an authorization. While authorizing, permit it to sync the activities from Garmin to Strava as declining this will disable the synchronization of both the applications.
  • How to connect Garmin to Strava? –  if you are using a computer:
  1. You have to download and install ‘Garmin Express‘ on your system and go through instructions as given.
  2. Begin with logging in to the browser on your system.
  3. You can download this both on the Windows computer as well as the Mac computer. For Windows – Choose the download for windows option and if using Mac – go for the Mac version.
  4. For completing the installation – Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the license agreement and accept if you agree with the conditions.
  5. Now, open the website link of Strava – and look for the ‘Garmin‘ option to complete the authorization with Strava.
  6. And once the connection is established – the data of both the applications will sync.


And that’s all. This is how you find a solution to your question of How to connect Garmin to Strava?

And now, when your accounts are connected and synced, You need to take along your Garmin watch and sync the data afterward. This is surely going to get the best experience and you will enjoy this thoroughly. The syncing of Garmin and Strava will not only provide you with the best of features but also enable you to track your activities and the health in a better way.

You can now get the benefits from both. However, make sure to update both from time to time to reap the best results. Syncing the apps helps you with variant details about the distance traveled, location tracking, maps – you even get to view 3d lanes, one of the features of Garmin and various other social features which is another benefit you get from Strava.

Benefits of Connecting Garmin and Strava:

  1. Ensures Safety: The most beneficial feature of all times is it ensures safety. Once you pair your device – It allows your loved ones to know where you are. It means they are able to track your live location and be insured about your safety.
  2. Navigation: Another benefit it provides is of Navigation. You can navigate and move around different routes and even get to choose and save the ones you like the most. And further helping you with 3d technology – You can even see the lanes and compare places and share them further with your family and friends.
  3. Real-Time Results: This shows the real-time results. Your movements whether slow or fast, relaxed, or not. The data collected and shown is based on heart rate zones.

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