Updating Garmin maps at regular intervals is highly recommended. Updating Garmin maps makes sure that Garmin maps are updated, and you get accurate results while browsing. Navigating becomes easy, hassle-free, and you can reach your destination on time. Updating Garmin apps saves your time. Not only this, but it eases your life as well. Garmin maps updating can be a costly affair, but there are ways to update the Garmin maps for free. But how do I update my Garmin maps for free?


Garmin map Expiry

When you get the device, the Garmin maps do not expire, at least not for a year, from the date of purchase. They come with a 1-year subscription. But to have the benefit of this subscription, ensure to install the version 3.1 or version 3 on your system.


Updating Garmin maps

Keep updating your Garmin maps for the best experience and easy navigation. Generally, the Garmin express notifies you when there is a requirement to update the Garmin maps. Ideally, the Garmin maps need updating every 3-4 months. Aside from these, Garmin lifetime maps are available. As the name suggests – they work for many years. But they too require updating for their best results.

Things to know before updating Garmin maps

  1. Cost: Updating Garmin maps can be costly. Updating involves high price and that too at regular intervals. But, there are ways to update Garmin maps for free. And here, you will know about how do I update my Garmin maps for free?
  2. Transfer of Garmin maps to another device: This is not possible to transfer the subscription. If you have lifetime maps subscription and thinking of shifting these to another Garmin device, then there is no option for moving.
  3. Updating Garmin maps: There are two ways you can update Garmin maps. The first one is which is how generally people update Garmin maps through the Web using a computer. However, if you do not have a computer, you can update Garmin maps without a computer as well. You will need a good internet connection or Wi-Fi to connect to your device for updating the Garmin maps.
  4. Garmin Express: Updating Garmin maps from Garmin express is easy and highly recommended. But if you do not have Garmin express, you still can update Garmin maps.
  5. Multiple devices: It is a common question often asked if one can use Garmin maps on other devices. No, it is not possible to use the update done on one device to use on another device. You will need to purchase the updates for each device separately.

How do I update my Garmin maps for free?

Updating the Garmin maps is required if you want to navigate rightly through the routes. To begin with, you first need to download Garmin express.

The steps to download Garmin express are as follows:

  1.  You begin by browsing the official website of Garmin express. Open the browser and search the official website to download the Garmin express.
  2. The download is available for both Windows and Mac. You can download the Garmin express as per the version you are using.
  3. Download and install the file on your system.
  4. After the downloading, you may need to agree to some terms and conditions to complete the installation process. Before confirming, read out the instructions, and if you agree, click Ok and proceed further with the installation.
  5. Once the installation is complete, Click ‘launch Garmin express’, and you are ready to use Garmin express for updating maps for free.

Updating Maps

Refer to the step by step instructions to update the Garmin maps.

  1. Connecting Garmin device to computer: The first step to How do I update my Garmin maps, starts with connecting your Garmin device to your Computer desktop or monitor. For this, you will require a USB cable. Take one end of the USB cable; connect it to your device and the other end to the computer.
  2. Internet Connection: Ensure to connect your device with a working Internet connection. The installation and download all depend on the Internet and network speed. If the Internet speed is not high, this may cause hindrance in updating and installation of maps. You can connect via Wi-Fi or a wired connection, whichever is available.
  3. Check available updates: Once connected, open the Garmin Express. You will find an option ‘ Updates’ at the top of the page. And with this, you will have all the details of the pending updates available.
  4. Installation: To install all the available updates to your device, click Install all. With this, installing for all the pending updates will begin.
  5. Final Confirmation: Once the downloading is done, before the final installation, you will get a pop-up confirmation on the screen. It will include terms and conditions by the Garmin for using the Garmin maps. Read out the instructions in detail and affirm if satisfied, after confirming the installation will complete.

Now, you can disconnect the Garmin device and the computer, and this is the resolution to the problem of How do I update my Garmin maps for free?

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