There are situations or times when you feel the need to add additional maps to your Garmin device or Garmin GPS. And when in need, you might wonder how do I install Garmin maps from my computer? Here this is the complete guide to help you out.

Before proceeding further with all the steps to install Garmin maps, some things must be kept in mind for the successful installation and downloading of the maps.

Pre-requisites or say the things that are the basic requirement for the installation:

  1. Device Compatibility: A device that is compatible with Garmin applications is necessary. To check the compatibility – You can check this on the map purchase page.
  2. Data Cable or USB transfer: A data transfer cable is required to join the computer and the device. You must keep it when downloading maps. If you don’t have one – this is easily available in the market. And usually, when you buy a device, you do get a USB with the purchase.
  3. Storage Card: You might require a storage card in case the space of the device does not suffice. In case there is a shortage of space, the storage card will ease out the problem and will assist in downloading the maps.
  4. Internet connection:  Make sure you are working with a good Internet connection. A high-speed internet that works faster works best in downloading. You can opt for Cable connections of DSL but highly avoid mobile connections. The mobile connections can be slow and are highly unstable.

Things to consider: There are certain additional points to be kept in mind while downloading the maps.

  1. The computer is ‘On’: Make sure that computer mode is ‘on’ when downloading maps. Do not keep it on sleeping mode when downloading as this will fail the downloading of maps. If there are any types of animations or screensavers on the screen, make sure to switch them off. Also, put off the sleep settings for the time you are downloading the maps.
  2. Antivirus: There is one or the other antivirus downloaded on the computer system. Put these out of action for a while, at least for the time the maps are downloaded.
  3. Space: There should be enough space so as not to disrupt the downloading of the maps. If there is not enough space- this may result in cancellation of downloading midway due to a shortage of space.
  4. Type of network: The type of network you are using also matters a lot. The business networks are highly secured and firewalls, and there can be limitations as to the access to sites and downloading of content. Try connecting and downloading through an open network.

Now, when all the requirements and the devices are in place, the question arises is How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?  The ways by which you can install maps are

  1. Basecamp
  2. Mapsource

Since you are looking for installing Garmin maps from a computer – This is about downloading the maps from the map source.

If you wish to download the map source software, you can download this with zero cost from the Garmin website. To download the Mapsource, ensure that there is no previous version of the map on your computer as this will result in an error.

How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?

To install – Refer to the steps mentioned below:

  1. Connect the device and the computer: Connect your computer system to the Garmin device. To connect – you can use the USB or the data cable. Connect one end of the data cable to the computer system and the other end to the device to ensure a secured and a proper connection.
  2. The second step to download is starting the Mapsource.
  3. With the third step – you move on to the Tool menu. You will be able to see several functions when you will click on the ‘Tool Menu’. You have to choose the ‘Map’ option here.
  4. Upon clicking on the map option, you will get to see the names of various regions and areas. You can choose the one you wish to install and download. Click on that region.
  5. Next, select the transfer menu. There you will see two options. The first one that appears is ‘Send to the device’ and the second one that appears is ‘Receive from the device’. Choose to send it to the device.
  6. When clicking – also ensure that the device appears in the field.
  7. Next, select the option ‘Send’

The time it takes to download and being loaded depends entirely on the size of the maps and Internet speed. You will get to see the downloading sign, the estimated time while the maps are downloaded.

Once the maps are downloaded, you can disconnect the device and the computer, and now you will be able to use the downloaded maps.

This is ‘How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?’ Refer step by step instructions and you will be able to use the maps on your device.

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