There are situations or times when you feel the need to add additional maps to your Garmin device or Garmin GPS. And when in need, you might wonder how do I install Garmin maps from my computer? Here this is the complete guide to help you out.

Before proceeding further with all the steps to install Garmin maps, some things must be kept in mind for the successful installation and downloading of the maps.

Pre-requisites or say the things that are the basic requirement for the installation:

  1. Device Compatibility: A device that is compatible with Garmin applications is necessary. To check the compatibility – You can check this on the map purchase page.
  2. Data Cable or USB transfer: A data transfer cable is required to join the computer and the device. You must keep it when downloading maps. If you don’t have one – this is easily available in the market. And usually, when you buy a device, you do get a USB with the purchase.
  3. Storage Card: You might require a storage card in case the space of the device does not suffice. In case there is a shortage of space, the storage card will ease out the problem and will assist in downloading the maps.
  4. Internet connection:  Make sure you are working with a good Internet connection. A high-speed internet that works faster works best in downloading. You can opt for Cable connections of DSL but highly avoid mobile connections. The mobile connections can be slow and are highly unstable.

Things to consider: There are certain additional points to be kept in mind while downloading the maps.

  1. The computer is ‘On’: Make sure that computer mode is ‘on’ when downloading maps. Do not keep it on sleeping mode when downloading as this will fail the downloading of maps. If there are any types of animations or screensavers on the screen, make sure to switch them off. Also, put off the sleep settings for the time you are downloading the maps.
  2. Antivirus: There is one or the other antivirus downloaded on the computer system. Put these out of action for a while, at least for the time the maps are downloaded.
  3. Space: There should be enough space so as not to disrupt the downloading of the maps. If there is not enough space- this may result in cancellation of downloading midway due to a shortage of space.
  4. Type of network: The type of network you are using also matters a lot. The business networks are highly secured and firewalls, and there can be limitations as to the access to sites and downloading of content. Try connecting and downloading through an open network.

Now, when all the requirements and the devices are in place, the question arises is How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?  The ways by which you can install maps are

  1. Basecamp
  2. Mapsource

Since you are looking for installing Garmin maps from a computer – This is about downloading the maps from the map source.

If you wish to download the map source software, you can download this with zero cost from the Garmin website. To download the Mapsource, ensure that there is no previous version of the map on your computer as this will result in an error.

How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?

To install – Refer to the steps mentioned below:

  1. Connect the device and the computer: Connect your computer system to the Garmin device. To connect – you can use the USB or the data cable. Connect one end of the data cable to the computer system and the other end to the device to ensure a secured and a proper connection.
  2. The second step to download is starting the Mapsource.
  3. With the third step – you move on to the Tool menu. You will be able to see several functions when you will click on the ‘Tool Menu’. You have to choose the ‘Map’ option here.
  4. Upon clicking on the map option, you will get to see the names of various regions and areas. You can choose the one you wish to install and download. Click on that region.
  5. Next, select the transfer menu. There you will see two options. The first one that appears is ‘Send to the device’ and the second one that appears is ‘Receive from the device’. Choose to send it to the device.
  6. When clicking – also ensure that the device appears in the field.
  7. Next, select the option ‘Send’

The time it takes to download and being loaded depends entirely on the size of the maps and Internet speed. You will get to see the downloading sign, the estimated time while the maps are downloaded.

Once the maps are downloaded, you can disconnect the device and the computer, and now you will be able to use the downloaded maps.

This is ‘How do I install Garmin maps from my computer?’ Refer step by step instructions and you will be able to use the maps on your device.

Updating Garmin maps at regular intervals is highly recommended. Updating Garmin maps makes sure that Garmin maps are updated, and you get accurate results while browsing. Navigating becomes easy, hassle-free, and you can reach your destination on time. Updating Garmin apps saves your time. Not only this, but it eases your life as well. Garmin maps updating can be a costly affair, but there are ways to update the Garmin maps for free. But how do I update my Garmin maps for free?


Garmin map Expiry

When you get the device, the Garmin maps do not expire, at least not for a year, from the date of purchase. They come with a 1-year subscription. But to have the benefit of this subscription, ensure to install the version 3.1 or version 3 on your system.


Updating Garmin maps

Keep updating your Garmin maps for the best experience and easy navigation. Generally, the Garmin express notifies you when there is a requirement to update the Garmin maps. Ideally, the Garmin maps need updating every 3-4 months. Aside from these, Garmin lifetime maps are available. As the name suggests – they work for many years. But they too require updating for their best results.

Things to know before updating Garmin maps

  1. Cost: Updating Garmin maps can be costly. Updating involves high price and that too at regular intervals. But, there are ways to update Garmin maps for free. And here, you will know about how do I update my Garmin maps for free?
  2. Transfer of Garmin maps to another device: This is not possible to transfer the subscription. If you have lifetime maps subscription and thinking of shifting these to another Garmin device, then there is no option for moving.
  3. Updating Garmin maps: There are two ways you can update Garmin maps. The first one is which is how generally people update Garmin maps through the Web using a computer. However, if you do not have a computer, you can update Garmin maps without a computer as well. You will need a good internet connection or Wi-Fi to connect to your device for updating the Garmin maps.
  4. Garmin Express: Updating Garmin maps from Garmin express is easy and highly recommended. But if you do not have Garmin express, you still can update Garmin maps.
  5. Multiple devices: It is a common question often asked if one can use Garmin maps on other devices. No, it is not possible to use the update done on one device to use on another device. You will need to purchase the updates for each device separately.

How do I update my Garmin maps for free?

Updating the Garmin maps is required if you want to navigate rightly through the routes. To begin with, you first need to download Garmin express.

The steps to download Garmin express are as follows:

  1.  You begin by browsing the official website of Garmin express. Open the browser and search the official website to download the Garmin express.
  2. The download is available for both Windows and Mac. You can download the Garmin express as per the version you are using.
  3. Download and install the file on your system.
  4. After the downloading, you may need to agree to some terms and conditions to complete the installation process. Before confirming, read out the instructions, and if you agree, click Ok and proceed further with the installation.
  5. Once the installation is complete, Click ‘launch Garmin express’, and you are ready to use Garmin express for updating maps for free.

Updating Maps

Refer to the step by step instructions to update the Garmin maps.

  1. Connecting Garmin device to computer: The first step to How do I update my Garmin maps, starts with connecting your Garmin device to your Computer desktop or monitor. For this, you will require a USB cable. Take one end of the USB cable; connect it to your device and the other end to the computer.
  2. Internet Connection: Ensure to connect your device with a working Internet connection. The installation and download all depend on the Internet and network speed. If the Internet speed is not high, this may cause hindrance in updating and installation of maps. You can connect via Wi-Fi or a wired connection, whichever is available.
  3. Check available updates: Once connected, open the Garmin Express. You will find an option ‘ Updates’ at the top of the page. And with this, you will have all the details of the pending updates available.
  4. Installation: To install all the available updates to your device, click Install all. With this, installing for all the pending updates will begin.
  5. Final Confirmation: Once the downloading is done, before the final installation, you will get a pop-up confirmation on the screen. It will include terms and conditions by the Garmin for using the Garmin maps. Read out the instructions in detail and affirm if satisfied, after confirming the installation will complete.

Now, you can disconnect the Garmin device and the computer, and this is the resolution to the problem of How do I update my Garmin maps for free?

Reset of Garmin watch becomes necessary if you are moving places, there are some functional problems, or there is an issue with GPS working. You can reset the Garmin watch by opting to clear user data or resetting it completely. Before deciding to reset, make sure you have a backup because after rebooting, there will be no option to recover the data. Also, opting for hard reset, you can also do a modest reset and can save the information, music, and other data saved in the watch. But how to reset Garmin watch. Resetting of the Garmin watch may differ with different models; you will see a separate set of instructions wherever necessary.

Rebooting Garmin watch

 The need to reset a Garmin watch mostly arises when you face an issue in its functioning. You might not be getting signals; features might not be working, and may be something else. You have plans to resale or handover the watch to someone else. In some of the cases, soft reset or rebooting works well. All you need is to power off and power on the Garmin watch quite a few times. Soft Rebooting works well in most cases. Modest/soft reset saves the history, and also restores the settings.

How to reset Garmin watch

 To softly reset or reboot the Garmin watch, all you need to do is press the power button for few seconds, say 10-15 seconds for switching it off, and then repress it to, on the watch. You must be cautious about certain things like syncing your data, as resetting the device can result in losing some of the data. However, there are watches that do not delete all the data when you reset. Data and information about the activities and music are safe even when you reset the settings.

Resetting device settings on Garmin watch

If you are looking for wayshow to reset Garmin Watch, Here you can get all the information. For the latest models such as Instinct and forerunners, the Garmin watches give you the benefit of resetting with the option of keeping your data safe. All your data, information about the activities remain safe. For resetting’s, you have to go to the System setting menu and then click the reset default settings option.

Go to the menu and then using the down keys to move to settings.

Next, use the down key to go to the system settings.

Go to reset and press Reset default settings or you will see reset and delete settings.

You will have to confirm the pop-up message confirming your data activities, and music will not be deleted. The pop-up message for confirmation may pop-up twice.

Make sure to read the pop-up message before validating – not all the messages keep data safe. Some of the instructions are a reminder for the deletion of data along with the restoration of settings.

Resetting a Garmin watch (Master Reset)

Master rebooting or resetting a Garmin watch will delete all your information, data, and music. A hard reset may work well when you don’t intend to keep the Garmin watch or want to sell it or handle it to someone else. Also, keep in mind that resetting the Garmin watch will erase all training data. The settings differ in different Garmin watches. So, know how to reset Garmin Watch.

Fenix, Instinct, Vivo active, and Forerunner: Select Settings, then go to system settings and press reset. Pressing reset will indicate a message stating the deletion of all music and data. After confirming, the pop-up message will reappear for confirmation. Press yes to reset the Garmin watch.

Vivo move: This is a touchscreen Garmin watch. Holding the screen of the Garmin watch, you will see a menu, their select settings>spanner icon, and then restore settings.

Golf Watches: There is little to no difference in resetting for the Garmin Watches. For resetting Golf watches, Go to settings>Reset and delete data, and this will restore the settings. You will get a confirmation message, do read the instructions, and click ok if you agree with the condition.

Other Watches (Earlier forerunner watches, quatix):

Select menu, then go to settings, then select system settings, choose reset defaults and reset settings.

Setting or restoring the settings some other way

For some of the outdoor watches, there is another way round to reset the settings. This does not even require you to go deep into the menu and further to reset and delete settings. Then how to reset Garmin watch? Just refer to the steps below:

Power off your watch.

Hold the back button on the watch – keeping it down, use the power button to Power on the watch, for this hold it for few seconds.

When you keep holding the back button, you will see the option for ‘Restore default settings’.

Select this for restoring settings.

After restoring, to use it pair the watch and set it up.

These are some of the ways to reset the Garmin watch.


How to Update Garmin GPS or Global positioning system, who isn’t aware of this nowadays. More or less, we are highly dependent on GPS, whether we have to travel to cities, towns, or states. GPS has made our life simple and has bought comfort and ease of traveling.

GPS is amazingly helpful and helps you reach anywhere without any hindrance. But to use GPS effectively and get the maximum benefit, make sure to update the latest version so that the Garmin device gives you the best results. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a road that leads to nowhere.

There are changes in routes, places, the streets and the locations of so many outlets, and much more. And it is even easier to keep it updated using Garmin express. And if you have Nuvi, or Drive, you don’t have to worry as you can use Garmin GPS in any of these.


But How to update Garmin GPS, is the main question. And the solution to this question is in details below:

  1. Connecting to Computer: The first step for How to update Garmin GPS is by fixing your device and your computer system. And for this – Take your Garmin device or disjoin your device from your vehicle, two-wheeler – your bike or scooter, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. Now when you have taken this out of your vehicle – Join the Garmin device with a computer system. To join the Garmin device to the computer system, you may require a USB cable. Join one end to the computer and the other end to the Garmin device. When joining, you will start by logging into the Garmin account. If you do not have one- Create the account to continue further with the updating of Garmin GPS.
  2. Internet Connection: Before moving forward, make sure your internet connection is working at a good speed as nothing will be possible without a good internet connection. Make sure the wire is properly connected or the Wi-Fi switch is ‘on’ and working properly.
  3. Garmin Express:  Updating Garmin GPS also requires the installation of Garmin Express on your system. If you do not have the Garmin express on your system – You can start downloading one by browsing on the Web. You do not have to worry about the windows or Mac version as it is available in both. You can download any version as per the compatibility of your system and the device. Once downloaded, install it on your system and follow the instructions as provided once the installation is complete.
  4. Update access: Now when the Garmin Express is downloaded and installed on the system – the next step for How to update Garmin GPS is the update installation. When you will move further by adding the device and locating the GPS – you will get the details of all the updates that are required and you will have to update all. Start updating it and make sure that the device and the system are connected.
  5. Purchases: At this point, you have to make some purchases for the updates. There are lifetime updates available. If you logged in with a new account or have not purchased the updates previously, you can purchase them now.
  6. Disconnecting the device: After the updating, installation, and the purchases – You can now detach the USB from the computer system thereby, disconnecting the Garmin device and the system. Now you can reattach your GPS system to your wheels. Rest, be assured you now have the updated GPS and will see all the routes correctly.

This is how you can simply and easily update the Garmin GPS. But some might be looking for How to update Garmin GPS in case you do not have a computer system.

You don’t have to worry over this too. It is also very easy to update it without the computer system. Just refer to the instructions below:

  1. Connecting with Wi-Fi: You can begin by connecting your device to the Wi-Fi. This is done so that an Internet connection is established. This way you will be able to update and install the GPS without connecting to the computer system.
  2. Installing: Now for the installation, Go to Install and then to Install all. This way all the pending updates will be installed to your device.

Updating with the Mobile: Yes! It is now possible to update the Gamin GPS with mobile as well. There is not much to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Start with downloading the mobile applications for Garmin connect. This can be done by visiting the play store of your device.
  2. Once you download the app – the must-do thing is pairing it with your mobile phone or say smartphone. This will enable the updating and installation.
  3. This however works a little differently, as this will automatically install the updates if there are any updates available.

How to Update Garmin Map

  • GPS File Depot
  • Open Sea Map

Installing free Maps to your Garmin GPS

  • First of all visit the G Map Tool website especially the US OSM Topo Routable page.
  • Then pick the area you like and download the correct map package.
  • Link your Garmin GPS device to your computer and make sure it’s ON. Give it a minute or two to load and register it with your computer.
  • Load the application for Garmin Map Install, your GPS device should be shown in the top window, hit continue.
  • Garmin Map Install can be used for maps installation or removals.
  • Map Install will show you what maps you have already installed (if any), and how much space you have got on your device (at bottom). Click “send maps” or continue and wait. It can take a while for maps to be loaded onto your device.
  • Now confirms that the maps are being loaded, go to your map settings and look around.
How to Update Garmin Map
How to Update Garmin Map

Installing free Maps to your Computer (for WINDOWS)

  • Map source software is only available for windows and can be downloaded from the Garmin Map source website for free.
  • Connect your Garmin device to your computer with a USB cable and start Map source.
  • Click on the tools menu, and then click the map option.
  • Select the regions of the map you want to load.
  • Click the transfer menu and then click the send to device option.
  • Make sure that the device appears in the device field below the find device button and then click send.
  • Once Map source has finished loading the maps to the device, you can disconnect GPS and the maps will be ready for use on the device.

Installing free Maps to your Computer (for MAC)

  • To install the maps, you will need three free programs.
  • The first one is a 7z extractor. The map download is in 7z format, which is a compressed fancy zip file.
  • Download this program and run it.
  • Then download the free applications Garmin Map Install and Map Manager
  • When you have downloaded the map file, open it with your 7z application. It will unzip the files and place them in a folder.
  • Double click the large file with the extension “gmap” at the end of the file.
  • This is supposed to launch Garmin Map Manager which will ask you if you want to install the maps.
  • Click “YES” and the maps will be copied to your Garmin file.
  • When you are finished uninstall the download map and unzip the folder.
  • It is highly recommended to get a free Garmin Basecamp application. It will allow you to browse maps, build tracks and plan hikes.

How to Connect Garmin to Strava

How to Connect Garmin to Strava? Garmin is where you can store all the information regarding your health and fitness. Not only has this but the Garmin app served several other functions too. You can create new workout challenges, for yourself or your friends and build new courses as well. Garmin helps you track your performance and your workouts. With Garmin, you can track your location while you are moving. And discussing options – they are available in varied colors and designs keeping in mind the choices of persons.

If you talk about Strava – It gives you a feature to help measure your growth and performance and detailed tracking of your accomplishment. Both the applications work wonders if used together and in sync.

How to Connect Garmin to Strava

And what if you want to connect Garmin to Strava and enjoy the benefits of both? Here in detail How to Connect Garmin to Strava?

The best part of connecting is that there is little to no difficulty in connecting Strava and Garmin watches as almost all of the watches can be connected to Strava.

For this, you need to ensure that both the Garmin Application and Strava application is installed on your phone.

  • How to connect Garmin to Strava? –  if you are using a Mobile :
  1. If the application installed can be enabled through Bluetooth – It becomes a lot easier to download the Garmin app, creating the account, and then linking the same with the Strava account.
  2. First, open the browser/the play store on your smartphone and then download the Garmin app and the Strava app as both are required to be installed on your device if you want to connect both and sync the data.
  3. Installation of both the apps would require you to accept the terms and conditions – Make sure to read them and be okay with them before accepting the conditions and proceeding with the installation.
  4. After the installation – Open the Garmin application.
  5. Go to the settings, then move to the partner apps and connect with Strava.
  6. The next step is an authorization. While authorizing, permit it to sync the activities from Garmin to Strava as declining this will disable the synchronization of both the applications.
  • How to connect Garmin to Strava? –  if you are using a computer:
  1. You have to download and install ‘Garmin Express‘ on your system and go through instructions as given.
  2. Begin with logging in to the browser on your system.
  3. You can download this both on the Windows computer as well as the Mac computer. For Windows – Choose the download for windows option and if using Mac – go for the Mac version.
  4. For completing the installation – Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the license agreement and accept if you agree with the conditions.
  5. Now, open the website link of Strava – and look for the ‘Garmin‘ option to complete the authorization with Strava.
  6. And once the connection is established – the data of both the applications will sync.


And that’s all. This is how you find a solution to your question of How to connect Garmin to Strava?

And now, when your accounts are connected and synced, You need to take along your Garmin watch and sync the data afterward. This is surely going to get the best experience and you will enjoy this thoroughly. The syncing of Garmin and Strava will not only provide you with the best of features but also enable you to track your activities and the health in a better way.

You can now get the benefits from both. However, make sure to update both from time to time to reap the best results. Syncing the apps helps you with variant details about the distance traveled, location tracking, maps – you even get to view 3d lanes, one of the features of Garmin and various other social features which is another benefit you get from Strava.

Benefits of Connecting Garmin and Strava:

  1. Ensures Safety: The most beneficial feature of all times is it ensures safety. Once you pair your device – It allows your loved ones to know where you are. It means they are able to track your live location and be insured about your safety.
  2. Navigation: Another benefit it provides is of Navigation. You can navigate and move around different routes and even get to choose and save the ones you like the most. And further helping you with 3d technology – You can even see the lanes and compare places and share them further with your family and friends.
  3. Real-Time Results: This shows the real-time results. Your movements whether slow or fast, relaxed, or not. The data collected and shown is based on heart rate zones.

How to Connect Garmin GPS to My Car

The global positioning system was developed for government and military use but has many applications in the civilian world. Vehicle GPS units use satellite technology to improve navigation during travel. ‘Garmin GPS These types of devices have color displays, and usually show a moving map of the surrounding area. According to USA Today, the three most popular car GPS brands are Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan. Advanced vehicle How to Connect Garmin GPS to My Car units can be simply fixed on the windshield and do not need stable installation. Garmin GPS connect help is available if you are facing any problem.

Step 1: Discard the protective plastic film from the back of the GPS suction mug. Press the suction cup firmly against the car’s windshield. If you need any assistant you can touch with Garmin connect help.

Step 2: Push the suction cup lever to create a strong seal against the glass. This facility is not located on all GPS car mounts.

Step 3: Connect the Garmin GPS unit to mount the car. Attach the ball mount of the suction mug to a similar hole on the rear of the GPS. Alternatively, place the GPS unit on the cradle mount.

Step 4: Connect the GPS’s power cable to the back or side. The correct position for this cable will change, based on the unit.

Step 5: Plug the other end of the power cable into the fag lighter port of the car. On most Cars, the Garmin GPS will automatically take power when the engine starts. To help they provide Garmin help support.

Step 6: Connect traffic and satellite radio receivers to the data port on the GPS unit, if they are available. Not all GPS devices have these optional accessories. if you are not able to connect satellite radio receiver to data port then you can receive Garmin GPS Connect help.

Plug the sound cable into the Garmin GPS audio port. Insert the different plug into the “auxiliary in” port of the Car’s stereo. This allows GPS sound to be played through the car’s speaker. Not all units have this facility.

Tip: Limit the amount of content between the GPS and the sky to improve signal quality. The windshield will not normally block the signal, but materials such as metal may cause interference.

Warning: Keep the GPS mount in a position that is easy to see and touch, but don’t get distracted while driving. 

The items you will need

  • Power cable
  • GPS Mounting Kit

Advanced Gamin GPS is the best GPS device, according to other GPS. Garmin GPS offers to customers Garmin Support Number and Gamin Connect Help Site if any problem to setup the Gamin GPS into the car.